Comparative studies of texts and contexts

You need references from both of your texts, including quotes, character analysis, specific scenes and ideas about themes and values that you can talk about throughout your essay. English Advanced, Module A: Social values are the values that structure society and the way we expect to engage with other people.

For more information, go to the website of the Institute of German as a Foreign Language: However they are different in that Frankenstein feels the true corruptive, devastating power knowledge can implicate.

This further begs me to question, is humanity aware of the destructive powers knowledge possesses and the responsibilities that come with it? Perspectives are culturally ingrained positions which encourage us to digest a concept in a particular way.

Module a: Comparative Study of Texts and Context

In my novel, Walton shows hope in humanity, through using knowledge, after hearing of the corruptive power it possesses in the characters Victor and the Creature. It is through direct allusions between texts that particular issues are highlighted and enhanced.

These compositions may be realised in a variety of forms and media. We can define context as the following: It is inevitable that shifting values forge a changing reflection of the attitude towards particular ideas? The discovery of electricity inspired research into whether electricity could reanimate life.

How is our understanding of ideas improved through the act of engaging in a comparative study? Art of Smart Community Bloggers. When selecting modules, please remember that the subsidiary subject builds on a previous B.

Comparative studies of texts and contexts leads to a low-angle shot of an isolated pharaoh-like pyramid, reminiscent of the power wielded by the Egyptian aristocracy. How does the language create meaning, and is it influenced by context e. English Advanced, Module A: My belief seems to have some hope still.

I was inspired after reading the theses of Luigi Galvani, which address his experimentation with creating movement in lifeless bodies with use of electricity. It is the gathering in of connotations; harvesting of them, like blackberries in a good season, ripe and heavy, snatched from among the thorns of logic.

This collection of Understanding Advanced English Modules articles aims to make them a little easier to understand and a lot easier to complete as you work through your HSC year. Through the exploration of both contexts relationships are established to enrich and illuminate connections on the unchanging nature and universality of certain values, ideas and language forms, also highlighting through implicit or explicit means relationships, writing and societal changes.

When comparing texts we attempt to draw conclusions about shared ideas in relation to differing contextual values and how shared ideas are re interpreted through the influence of the circumstances in which a text is composed Context refers broadly to the situations and circumstances which shape values and perceptions.

The Intercultural Communication profile examines communication processes in the business world and the media on the basis of culture- and communication-theoretic concepts. Between these two texts there are many direct and explicit references that draw superficial connections, both are written by female composers, both deal with family relationships and issues of social standards, both explore the role of letters.

How does the influence of context impact on the representation of ideas and concepts? Prometheus successfully steals fire from the gods, however when iscovered is punished severely. With these themes in my Romantic novel and your dystopic, film noir composition; they both have been influenced by similar issues.

These texts may be in different forms or media. Comparative Study of Text and Context and its electives ask of you, you need to start reading and analysing your text according to the module. The high degree of linguistic diversity among the students at the Institute invites an intercultural perspective and acts as a sounding board for comparative and typological ideas and considerations.

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Knowledge is a powerful and dangerous device; the individual holding the power must be responsible with it. Finally these themes are introduced to the audience further in both works, as cautionary tales. I am interested in the characters Dr.

Graduates from the course can also go on to work for a doctorate. Consider how such contexts would have catalysed the discussion of some of the ideas in the texts and how the texts draw on similar notions which may also in some ways be presented differently. The Murder of Tyrell is an extremely emotional scene, which introduces pathos towards Roy, the murderer.The study of HSC English Advanced Module A: Comparative Study of Text and Context requires students to compare and contrast two prescribed texts in order to.

Module a: Comparative Study of Texts and Context BY dant12 Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context Elective 1: Exploring connections Connections between texts open up new meanings of texts.

Learn about Donne’s poetry and prose, as well as the historical and cultural context of early modern England. The Cambridge Companion to English Poets — Cambridge Companions Online [eresource] Explore the themes, style, rhythm, imagery and language used in the poetry of John Donne and Alfred Lord Tennyson in chapters 5 and Context changes due to audience, writers and time; though it still has the effect of influencing perspectives and creating/ reshaping meaning.

Through the context, us as readers are able to establish an understanding of the time period, the writer and the purpose of the text. Comparative Studies Introduction to Comparative Cultural Studies WF PMPM | Knowlton Hall | Franco Barchiesi This course is an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of cultural studies, and it is the introductory course to the Cultural Studies track in the Department of Comparative Studies.

When comparing the texts you need to examine and analyse the language forms, features and structures present in the texts, the purposes of the respective composers and the intended audience.\ Students should also analyse the content, values and attitudes conveyed in the texts.

Comparative studies of texts and contexts
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