Current issues in teaching literature

Interpreting thematic meanings often involves inferring the value assumptions underlying story development. Referring to the literature on the above understanding, naturally, the purpose of literature is also learning to inculcate human values to students.

If we compare the previously prescribed texts in the year ofwith the new sets of literary texts, the latter are much easier to be suited for almost all the students with different proficiency levels.

Literatures that have been born by writers are expected to provide intellectual and aesthetic satisfaction for the reader Spring, An easy way to find ideas can be reading books, newspapers, magazines, articles, etc.

Cooperating is learning in the form of sharing of information and experiences, responding and communicating with each other.

We have students who are with very low English Language proficiency and also students with high English Language proficiency. In the training and recruitment of teachers, there is currently a shortage of graduates with a specialist qualification in English.

The setting is the place and time in which a story occurs. Through a contextual approach, the learning is more meaningful for students. Evaluation tool for the study of literature is also less challenging and less comprehensive.

Selection of information based on the individual needs of students 3. Bennett cited in Squire,U.

Current Issues in Teaching Literature

In the fourth section, the author of this article proposed a handful of activities for teachers to teach literature. This will avoid the teachers from wasting time. This research article mainly discusses on why teaching literature in language classroom is important, how to choose an appropriate literary text and also some strategies for teaching literature by creating an awareness of linguistic possibilities and sensibility.

Contextual learning is a learning approach that recognizes and shows the state of nature of knowledge.

8 Current Trends in Teaching and Learning EFL/ESL

This could be the case of urban and sub-urban schools, but would students in rural schools with very low proficiency in English Language would have been able to go through?

In practice, these lessons apply authentic assessment. This fact, along with an emphasis on teaching reading comprehension rather than on responses to literature, suggests a general belief that literature is relatively inconsequential or that no problems are involved in its teaching.

In my opinion, the stylistics and linguistics features of the text are the ones which make the text as an art.

Teaching and Learning Literature Issues, Challenges, Problems, and Difficulties

We are committed to the furtherance of English as a subject and to fostering the highest standards in its teaching and learning. The author also suggested quite a number of activities that support the notions above. It is quite questionable if the Literature Component had managed to meet its aims in this situation.

Literary language is quite different from spoken language, so many students face serious problems in studying literature especially at the beginning of their educational journey. As for these high level proficiency students, the teacher could go beyond the prescribed texts and introduce the unabridged texts for them to explore to keep the students interested towards studying literary texts.English in Education: Current National Issues The Common English Forum today publish their concerns on English in education at all levels Who are we?

The Common English Forum represents all the major bodies with a professional interest in the teaching of English, from Primary level to Higher Education (a list of members is provided at the.

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Ask them to bring one or two of the books to your cocktail/appetizer party. (Read this Edutopia post for ideas on how to set up and manage your classroom library).

If you are a physics teacher, do all your books need to be about science? Absolutely not! But you might want to focus primarily on informational, non-fiction books. within a society distinctive from another: language, values, literature, worldview, food, religion, clothing, ).

Therefore, I agree with some studies that report some issues of teaching and learning in the multicultural classroom because there are several cultures in this classroom.

Example of current issues in the multicultural. Current Issues and Trends in Language and Literature, Iligan City. 1, likes · 5 talking about this.

The Official Facebook Page for the Current Issues. Current Issues in Teaching Literature Home / Essays / Current Issues in Teaching Literature The article that I have chosen is entitled ‘Teaching Literature through Language: Some Consideration’ by Abraham Panavelil Abraham (Ph D) who is an English Professor at University of Nizwa, Oman.

Current issues in teaching literature
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