Understanding the highly misunderstood medical illness of depression

While some depression sufferers respond well to cognitive behaviour therapy, cognitive analytic therapy or dialectical behaviour therapy, others require antidepressants to help correct low serotonin levels in the brain.

The second journey, is in many ways, harder, and often longer, which is to face other people's misunderstandings of their depression, misunderstandings that are sometimes insulting, confusing, and often unhelpful in getting the symptoms under control.

Do you want a hug? A person can no more snap out of clinical depression than a cancer patient can heal himself without treatment. It helps me stay in touch with my emotions and physical conditions.

Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce distress as well as the risk of complications and suicide for those with chronic illness and depression. Hard fought and sometimes a skirmish or two is won, but the battle never truly ends. It helps me identify triggers and how to deal with them swiftly before they develop into full blown episodes.

He is an author, researcher and expert in mental health online, and has been writing about online behavior, mental health and psychology issues -- as well as the intersection of technology and human behavior -- since There are ways to help, you or a loved one who may be suffering from depression.

This is a disturbing statistic, but there is hope, because more and more evidence has surfaced to indicate that many psychiatric disorders are biological diseases that can be successfully treated with medication. Highlighted above are just a few of the reasons why depression has been misunderstood for far too long, making the lives of depression sufferers unnecessarily difficult.

Believe me, I know how you feel. Why do we refer to these things as mental health issues or mental disorders rather than a medical disease? What do Maharishi AyurVedic treatments involve? I found the following list. She has battled with depression and writes about it and how it affects her life.

There's some kind of hypnosis, which gets connected with your sense of being. While you are using medications, the doctor prescribing them should regularly monitor the dosage and your response. The typical clinical signs of depression are: But the very same drug that works wonders for a friend may fail to ease your symptoms.

The TM program is neither an instant nor a stand-alone cure for all the illnesses people may suffer, nor is it represented as such. And while the brain is also an organ, it is one of the least understood and easily the most complex organ within the body.

People try to handle and treat this problem on their own because they come across dozens of people who suffer from it, and they hear all kinds of stories about what worked for them and what did not.

Depression: A Misunderstood Mental Disorder in Nigeria

Everyone has the ability to develop a system which you can't falsify, that's not that heavy. No reviews have been left for this this report. But certain people feel the tendency to do this, out of hunger, out of limit, and out of positive reinforcement the feeling that this is just the way you are.

She has battled with depression and writes about it and how it affects her life. It was so interesting I thought I'd include it here for you to read yourself.

No one ever said that life was fair.

Coping With Chronic Illnesses and Depression

Sometimes those worlds are fun, other times they are scary and tragic. People may be born with certain conditions, stresses, and susceptibilities that emerge at various stages in their lives. Broaden your horizons, meet new friends and have some fun while you're still young. They are more specifically a cluster of symptoms that research has shown to correlate highly with a specific emotional state.

Ask your doctor or therapist for referrals to a support group and other community resources. Rich, popular, famous, or funny people can be depressed. It is important to keep the health inside. It was me, at a very weak moment, not able to think freely. I have Bipolar Disorder and battle with Depression constantly.

There is nothing to be shattered about and hopelessness will only make it worse.Its about creating a bridge between these two, to create understanding for one of the most misunderstood illnesses in medical science. Understanding that begins with a. The above quote was taken from the article, Misunderstood Depression: the Human Toll.

Depression has a clinical term that relates to a physiological mental/mood disorder.

What is Depression if not a Mental Illness?

It also can mean "I'm sad" about something. Anything: the weather, a friend's comment, a missed opportunity. A lot of research has been done to try and understand why Depression is.

Understanding and Improving Mental Health. Mental Illness. Mental Health. What is the most misunderstood mental illness? This “lack of insight” results in them receiving some co -morbid diagnosis, like depression, ptsd, and schizophrenia and not getting treatment for the hoarding problem that has caused the isolation, depression and.

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Depression: A Misunderstood Illness

Most victims of biological depression often fail to seek help, whether out of guilt or ignorance, and many are often misdiagnosed by physicians or psychotherapists who fail to recognize the symptoms of the agronumericus.comtanding Depressionseeks to make the public (both lay and medical) aware of the issues of biological depression, providing a.

Depression is a serious mental illness. It generally does not just "go away" on its own, and it's not just something you can change by simply wishing it to be so.

Understanding the highly misunderstood medical illness of depression
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